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The Land Within

Experimental Film
HD, Color, Surround Sound, 13:44 mins., 2016
Creation & Direction: Jeannette Louie
Narration: Suzanne Tufan
Hiking Neuron: Donald Levering
Other Neurons: Carin Clevidence, Jeff McMahon, Nora McMahon, Camas Davis, Deirdre Lockwood
Music: Seth Simon, Gen Rubin
Sound: Alex Thompson / Harvestworks

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Inside the neuronal landscape is an entangled network where consciousness, memory and stimulus embolden everyone to feel unique. In reality, sentience is actually a stream of neural activity made up of billions of neurons engaging in a multitude of connections. It takes a unity of many to be an individual. However, one neuron senses something else residing in this scientific fable. Follow her as she guides us through the synaptic forest and asks, “Who am I to refute the assumption of a soul?”